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SBDM Council

Fourth Grade Shark Week

What is a School-Based Decision Making Council?

The School-Based Decision Making Council (SBDM) consists of three teachers, two parents, and the school principal.

The school-based decision-making process gives parents, teachers, and the principal substantial control over how the school operates. They are charged with the task of finding the most effective ways to achieve the goals set for all students under the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA).

The council, advised by the school's staff, makes policies on curriculum, instructional practices, instructional materials, uses of school space, school climate, extracurricular programs, and assessment. Teachers and parents serve on one of the five standing committees: curriculum, instructional practices, school climate, assessment, and student support.

The meetings of the council and its committees are open to the public, and all interested persons are encouraged to attend. A copy of SBDM policies are available for preview in the school office. Copies may be made upon request.

The parent members of the council are selected by parents who belong to the school's PTA. The teacher members of the council are elected by a majority vote of the school's faculty. Teachers are elected for two-year terms in which only one new member is elected each year. In this manner, there will be experienced members serving at all times.

SBDM Schedule and Members 

SBDM Meeting Schedule 2022-2023

SDBM Members 2023-2024

SBDM Minutes 

2020-2021 Minutes

2021-2022 Minutes

2022-2023 Minutes

2023-2034 Minutes

SBDM Agenda

2022-2023 Agenda

2023-2024 Agenda

SBDM Council Policies

Harmony Elementary School Bylaws

2001: Review of Challenged Instructional Material

2002: Selection of Textbooks and/or Instructional Material

2003: Selection of Media Center Materials 

3001: School Budget

4001: Curriculum 

4002: Instructional Practices 

4003: Homework Policy

4003.02: Writing and Communication Program Policy 

4004: Promotion, Retention, and Extension of Primary School 

4005: Student Assignment Policy

4006: Monitoring of School Computer Network Access 

4007: Utilizing School Nurse

4008: Wellness Policy 

4009: Extracurricular Programs Policy 

4010: ESS – Extended School Services

4011: Schedule of the Day and Week

4012: School Space

4013: Staff Time Policy

4014: Procedures, Consistent with Local School Board Policy, for Determining Alignment with State Standards, Technology Utilization, and Program Appraisal Policy

5001: Selection of a Principal when there is a Vacancy 

5002: Consultation

6005: Adoption of Emergency Management Response Plan

9001: Student Responsibility and Discipline

9002: Release of Students