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Extended School Services (ESS)

ESS Council Policy 4010

ESS – Extended School Services 4010
Related to: KRS 158:070, 704 KAR 003:390

a. Rationale/
Program Description

Harmony Elementary is committed to assisting all students with academic deficiencies consistent with students’ intervention or individual learning plans.

The SBDM Council will determine when and how services will be provided based on the resources available from district/state ESS funds.

b. Eligibility

Per district policy, student eligibility will be based on the following methods:

  • Teacher recommendation
  • Academic performance data, including diagnostic, formative and summative assessments
  • Behavioral and developmental progress as documented on informal and formal assessments

c. Student Selection/

Students demonstrating the greatest need will be given priority. Students serviced through ESS will be monitored closely to determine progress.
d. Parent Notification Parents of eligible students will be notified using the district’s notification form. Parents will receive feedback outlining their student’s progress towards their learning goals.
  • The building principal must approve any deviation to the above guidelines.

Reviewed – Harmony Elementary School Council – May 13, 2013
Adopted –Harmony Elementary School Council – September 30, 2013

Harmony Elementary ESS Program - Parent Notification

ESS (Extended School Services) is a prevention/intervention program offered both during the school day and after school at Harmony Elementary. Students are recommended and made eligible for ESS services through a process based on teacher recommendation, academic performance data and/or behavioral and developmental progress.  Students recommended for the program are invited to participate in either or both daytime and after school ESS programming.  Attendance in ESS Services is not mandatory.

Appeal Process

The following is the appeal process if parents dispute the identification or non-identification of their children for ESS:

  • Parents have the right to appeal decisions in regard to the ESS referral.
  • Parents may request a meeting with teacher, principal and/or ESS Coordinator.
  • Parents may send a request in writing to the school principal.