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Bus Route Information

Oldham County Schools Transportation

Sending in Parent Notes

On any written communication include student first/last name, date, and teacher name.

School Day Pickup Changes

If someone other than a guardian is picking up your child during school hours, a written note is required by the guardian. Please send this note with your child in the morning.

Carpool Pickup

Anyone in possession of your designated Harmony carpool tag will be allowed to pick up your child. Your student will not be released to anyone who is not a guardian without an official car tag if there is no written permission from the guardian. If a written note has been sent, we will still ask for identification if we do not know the person. Here is Harmony's Carpool Map

Your child's regular afternoon transportation plan

We follow your child's Afternoon Arrangement Form to send them home each day. We encourage as streamlined a schedule as possible. 

Transportation Changes

This request is for your child's safety. We follow your child's Afternoon Arrangement form schedule. If you have a day where you need to deviate from this schedule please see below. 

Please do one of the following when making a transportation change:

  1. Send in a written note with your child.
  2. Walk into the office by 1:00 pm to make a change.
  3. All changes are processed through the office. Please do not email a teacher making a transportation change request. 

Is your child's bus delayed in the afternoon? You may phone in a change of transportation for your student.

We do not take any other transportation changes over the phone unless there is an emergency. 

Would you like your child to be able to ride the bus?

Please complete the Bus Transportation Request Form and send it to Harmony's office.